Thursday, December 20, 2012

Homemade Gift Idea

Coconut Lotion

Ok, so this gift isn't exactly edible, but it uses an edible ingredient, so I figured I blog about it! I did these this year and loved the way they turned out! It's homemade coconut lotion. Simple, affordable and pretty- they make the perfect small gift!

Simply whip 1 jar of Trader Joe's Organic Coconut Oil with 2 tbs of vitamin E oil for about 5 minutes.  I did this in a mixer. Put into small containers (try the Container Store) and Mod Podge a paper label to the top. I added glitter too.  This recipe made about 10 2oz containers. So easy and so cute!!!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Food... on a Stick!

Getting kids (and adults) to eat veggies is often tricky, but put some on a stick... and suddenly it's fun!

These are super simple and can be done year round. But with these colors, I think they'd make an awesome Christmas dish:

All you need for these are grape tomatoes, slightly steamed asparagus (cut into 1 inch pieces), fresh mozzarella balls (cut in half, I used marinated), cooked cheese tortellini (optional). I bought some small bamboo skewers and put the ingredients on like this: tomato, asparagus, cheese, tortellini, cheese, asparagus and tomato. Simply drizzle with a vinaigrette before serving (olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper).  It's perfect for kids and adults at home or for parties!