Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Starting the New Year off right- at the Fresh Start 5K

Welcome to 2014! I'm so excited to be in a new year- something about the 13 last year just had me a little on edge :)

I just wanted to talk a little bit about New Years Resolutions… have you made some? I decided not to this year. I plan to align to New Year's PRINCIPLES for 2014. I'll share them with you:

1. Aliveness

2. Health

3. Responsibility

You see, I love the idea of a guiding principle. It feels freeing rather than marching to a specific goal. Take the example of weight loss. You could set a goal like losing 20 pounds. And really, it could be fairly easy to reach- you could work out every day and cut your calories dramatically. You could probably lose the weight in a month. But then what? What is truly sustainable? Aligning to a principle like healthy living is. It innately has the why in it… I want to be healthy. So my choices should fairly consistently reflect that. Now it doesn't mean that every choice needs to be perfect- but if my overall goal is to be heathy- I'm not going to be taking short cuts. It will be an overarching factor in my life. 

I suggest you also give this a try- and share it with your family! Ask your kids about health. You can help them understand it by relating health to having energy, clear skin, shiny hair, strong bones, getting sick less often, etc... Help them make healthy choices as well along the way. And most importantly, lead by example!

Wising you a healthy, happy NEW YEAR!!!