Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Two Confessions

For those of you that know me well, you may want to sit down for this one. Seriously, sit down. There's only one way to start this... might as well just rip that band-aid off: 

I'm taking my kids to McDonald's for dinner tonight. 

I'm just going to let that one soak in for a bit. 

Now just to be clear, I have not converted into a drive thru mama. (Starbucks excluded). This was actually a very tough decision. You see, Annie and Max's school is participating in a fundraiser there. A portion of the sales from tonight will go to help fund activities in their school. Many of the teachers, students and parents will be there. Love the idea, hate the venue. 

This is where I have to make a(nother) confession. I'm uptight. And not just a little, when it comes to food, I look at McDonalds like the devil incarnate (or inrestaurant). Yeah, it's that bad. It pretty much embodies all I stand against in the food world. But the reality is, I'm pretty uptight. I'm realizing more and more that there does need to be a balance in life and that takes me to my next point. 

I'm guessing some of you are thinking I should just donate the money and skip the meal. I really like that idea, but I started to give it some thought. What's important about this event, and life quite frankly, is community. And that's exactly how food should be eaten... together. Food represents so many things to so many people, but it is often part of the glue that brings people together. So tonight, I'm choosing relationships and charity first, even at the Golden Arches.

Happiness and Health,

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